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Resettlement Support

About Resettlement Support

For most, moving house is an exciting and positive time. However it is also recognised as a stressful life event and for some vulnerable people, it can be a complex and destabilising process.

Aside from the obvious need to pack and move, there are various organisations to notify, forms to complete and for some this can be challenging and overwhelming.

Moving can also be expensive particularly for those on a low income who are moving into unfurnished accommodation for the first time. In these circumstances, a person may be starting from scratch and need to buy essential furniture and kitchen equipment.

Resettlement support is designed to help clients through this process by providing focussed professional support to help the individual prepare, move and settle in.

Typically - resettlement support runs for six weeks although it can be shorter or longer as required.

Resettlement Support can include help with:

Resettlement Services for Supported Clients

When moving on from our supported housing our clients can be referred by their Support Worker to a specialist resettlement service. As a provider of supported housing under the Bristol Homeless Pathway we can provide a trusted assessment and make a formal referral to a local resettlement service.

Resettlement Services for Families in Temporary Housing

Families moving-on from our temporary housing have access to resettlement support provided by our housing team. They can also make referrals to more targeted resettlement support provided by Bristol City Council.

About Us

We are a charitable Housing Association providing temporary supported housing in Bristol for single people and families who are experiencing homelessness.

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